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“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, successful, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you NOT to be? … Your playing small does not serve yourself or the world.” — Marianne Williamson

In today’s world, where men and women are torn between conforming to society’s standards or being who they know they are meant to be, you can finally demystify the mindset, ways of being, leadership style, and lifestyle secrets that will empower you to manifest your dreams without blowing out your adrenals.  Find the source of your confidence, grace, influence, and ease!

I’m Anneke Thordsen –Mind, Meditation and Success Consultant, Mental Fitness & Awareness Mentor, Certified Kinesiologist and Emotion Code Practitioner, and all-round cheerleader for everyone boldly living the lives they are meant to live!!

I passionately believe that the answer to well-being and the elusive work-life balance is rooted in an innovative and profound understanding of human potential and behavior. And once that knowledge is unlocked inside each of us, our lives are transformed as we gain the power and insight to reach past our known potential.  The science and strategy of what I do brings about extraordinary changes in my clients and the world they touch.  I help men and women unlock the gilded cage and redefine the good life so that they never have to give up their happiness for their ambitious career, nor step back from their career to live an audaciously good life.

I can guide you on how to thrive and live inspirationally!


Everyday I enjoy the wealth of following my passion, living my truth, learning through challenges and seeing my ambitious and dynamic dreams come true!

Overcome Burnout Without Stepping Back From A Successful Career

(and keep your income, impact, and lifestyle!)


  • Master a step-by-step game plan to navigate your life and career with flexibility and freedom, instead of being a slave to success…
  • Stop feeling trapped by a hefty trade-off, and discover the secret to working less without stepping back, changing jobs, or walking away…
  • Stop stressing about work and constantly proving your worth so you can put an end to the mental exhaustion and be calm and fun-loving instead…
  • Know why ambitious people work harder than necessary and how to break free from these ineffective habits without hurting your reputation… 
  • Stop putting work in front of family and friends, despite insane deadlines, and truly prioritise the ones you love…


  • do all of this so that you build an influential reputation, while working less, playing more, and finally live the good life that you’ve worked so hard for! 

Let’s book a free design call and I’ll tell you how I can guide you to step into the most important journey of your life with confidence and ease!



“Your combination of experience in the corporate world, overlaid with a strong sense of reflection and self-awareness is extremely motivating to anyone who meets you. It’s a unique position and perspective!” – JS, CEO
“The personal leadership and awareness tools Anneke shared with me throughout the program are super easy to apply even when in the middle of a hectic schedule or crisis. It helps me assess any challenge with calm, laser sharp focus and guide my teams to find the best solutions daily!” – FB, Senior Partner
“Learning to develop and train my core mental fitness muscles, has been the most valuable skill I have been taught in my adult life. Even when a challenge seems like a mountain, I am mentally fit enough to retain a positive mindset and activate my Sage brain instead of my Saboteur brain! Now I enjoy success without the emotional and mental suffering and stress in both my professional and personal environment.” — NC, Director 

Organisations I have worked with to date include PWC, EY, Deloitte, African Bank, British Airways, Orca Fuels and many more.

“A key skill Anneke assisted me with was self-reflection, not just in the space where I see myself, but in the space that others see and perceive me. I continue to use the resources she equipped me with to make confident decisions in all aspects of my life. It’s like magic! “ PH, Founder and CEO
“What I find valuable in our interactions is that Anneke brings with her a wealth of life experience and her own self-transformation which underpins her work.” –NR, Senior Manager
“Anneke is a highly effective mentor who has a powerful and diverse yet functional toolkit which she sensitively uses to support her clients in their transformational journey at a pace they are comfortable with.  If I could send the thousands of team members in my organisation on only one leadership program to enhance their performance and improve their lives at the same time, it would be this one.” – VP, Regional President
“Anneke provided me with insight and skills in a way that I felt added value & has helped me shift my perspectives and achieve great gains in my health, relationships, performance & overall mental well-being.” – KB, former CEO and bestselling author

Let’s build something together.

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