Power Meditation Coaching

Train your brain for peak performance, amazing relationships, and overall wellbeing!

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of how things are and want a better way
  • You like to challenge convention and find creative solutions
  • You are ready to take control and bring balance back to your life
  • You want to be free!

Power Meditation is not about being calm, or less stressed, or handlling conflict better . . . you will get that anyway.

  • It’s understanding and harnessing the power of your mind
  • It’s working with the universal laws of success
  • It’s discovering limiting patterns and replacing them
  • It’s expanding into who you are meant to be
  • It’s living purposefully
  • It’s freedom – body, mind, and soul

Whether you are new to meditation or looking to get more from your existing practice – congratulations!  Considering starting a daily practice is a bold step in itself.  Choosing to learn how to do it properly is the difference between playing a friendly game of tennis or becoming Roger Federer!  You get the picture!

Most people believe that the main benefit of meditation is its positive impact on managing stress and anxiety.  The truth is that using meditation as a stress-relief tool is only scratching the surface!  It is so much more!  It is absolutely imperative as a method of mind training for achieving success in business and in life!  

Power Meditation expands your awareness and restores your freedom to choose what YOU want instead of what is imposed on you by your past – it frees you from the prison of past conditioning!

Author Stephen Richards put it so well when he says, “To control your life, control your mind. To control your mind, control your breath.”- easier said than done…

Structure of the Program

So over the 8 weeks it will be my absolute pleasure to take you on a deep dive into meditation and how you can use it to level up every area of your life to accelerate your journey to the freedom you seek!
During the 90 minutes each week we will analyse various aspects of meditation such as:

  • what meditation is and what it isn’t
  • where it comes from
  • the science behind the practice
  • the purpose and benefits benefits of meditation – and we reveal the lesser known benefits!
  • the role it plays in mental fitness and mind-control, including conditioning and mind programming
  • what to expect during meditation and outside of meditation
  • different types of meditation and the power of mantra meditation
  • how/what/where – the practical aspects
  • consciousness and the seven different states of consciousness
  • the spiritual laws of success and the power of the subconscious mind
  • tihe mportance of breathing and breathwork
  • application of meditation to all categories of life

And even more…

As a bonus, we will spend time on understanding and applying the “mirror neuron effect” which explains that “the person in front of you is the door to your own mental freedom”. This principle is extremely powerful in facilitating release from past conditioning.

We also explore “The Work” (developed by Byron Katie) as an essential technique of self enquiry to free yourself from all stress and anxiety.


For the twelve-hour group* coaching – is £297pp for the full 8-week program. (* mimimum group of 5 people)

To give you as much support as I can in forming the neurological pathways for this life-changing power habit, you will have access to pre-recorded 10-minute guided meditation sessions daily, for the duration of the program. At the end of the program you will have the option to continue receiving these meditations daily when you join one of the membership programs.

At any stage during or after the program you have the option to be instructed in your personal Sanskrit mantra. For more information on what a personal mantra is and why it is so beneficial in unlocking the best results from your practice have a look here…

What participants say…

“The Power Meditation Programme has really helped me understand what meditation actually is and all the benefits it brings to your life. I’ve learned that quietening your mind is not the goal and there’s no wrong way to meditate (which is why I had given up so many times before). I’m so glad I came across this programme as it’s really helping me understand and get so much more from my practice.”

“I started meditating for stress relief, now I meditate because it has opened up a whole new world for me, one with endless opportunities and possibilities! In just two weeks of working with Anneke I feel more creative, focused, energized, purposeful and optimistic. Can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring!”

The thing with meditation is – you have to ACTUALLY DO IT to get the benefit as it is strengthening your mental self-command muscle – and we all know a muscle needs constant and regular training to remain strong! You don’t just do a few dumbell reps every now and then to develop powerful muscles!

Upcoming program dates and other programs

For future dates or if you have any questions please email me. For more on other programs, challenges and memberships, have a look here

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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