This is me

Hi, I’m Anneke…

…and I’ve been right where you are

Driven entrepreneur, wife, mum, enthusiastic adventurist and total book junkie with an obsession for smelling roses…, and a powerful co-creator of my life!

When I dont have my nose in a book or chasing beautiful sunsets, I mentor dynamic women like you to up-level themselves in personal leadership, mental fitness and awareness. My preferred title – Freedom Host – leading women to the best version of themselves. 

I am known for my expertise in dealing with the challenges affecting successful, high-performing women. I teach women how to break the cycle of burnout, workaholism, and sacrifice prevalent in stressful, demanding careers and how they can enjoy a significant career while also prioritizing their health, self, and relationships.

In 2006, I burned out and left my rising executive career to be a SAHM. Discovering that the “simplified life” was not the answer, I began over a decade of research to discover how successful women can enjoy challenging careers without living in a constant state of trade-off, disappointment, stress, and regret.

Today, I work with many successful women each year, helping them transform how they operate so they can be free to enjoy their unlimited potential. My clients come to me in various stages of their journey, within their career as well as post-career. I believe the world will become a better place when we have redefined success to include well-being as well as wealth.


From my early years, I followed my goal of securing financial independence with one-pointed focus, clearing all the hurdles to become one of the early female partners at a leading global professional services firm by age 32. I inspired, motivated, achieved and exceeded.  But the cost of achievement was high – constant self-doubt and worry; little work-life balance; overwhelm and fatigue – burn-out was inevitable!  In 2006, after 15 years of navigating high stakes projects, steering international teams, and trying to be present in my personal life, I started a journey into self-discovery, explored new ways of living and thinking, ventured into neuro-science and cognitive psychology, certified as an energy healer and meditation teacher, and set about creating a whole new way of life.  And I discovered – the long, hard way – that the no. 1 skill for living an epic life, is a life of self-awareness.


Being powerful is ultimately about a woman making her contribution in the world at the highest level – to stop asking for permission, and give it to yourself!  Becoming powerful is about developing the fierceness to change your relationship with what’s possible, having the skill to see things not as they are but as they could be, and cultivating the audacity to say no to the status quo.

As women, if we’re not consciously making the choice to be the Empress of our best lives, we usually find ourselves working really hard, as we’ve been told to do, yet secretely feeling resentful because nothing changes, not really…, operating from a limited paradigm and being pulled in all directions. 

If the thought of being in the same place a year from now terrifies you then you have no choice but to accept my invitation to greatness, becoming a world-class leader and harnessing your inner super power! As a Certified Kinesiologist and Meditation Coach, combined with understanding high pressure, and operating in high stakes stressful environments,  I can help you discover exactly which subconscious patterns are holding you back, and how to rise above them through the power of awareness.

I now partner with highly driven and committed women that have taken the decision to break free from patterns of overwhelm, frustration and burn-out, to thrive as resilient leaders not only in business but in life as a whole, confident and competent to live up to their highest potential. 

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” –Dolly Parton

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